Laser Marking

Wide range of Laser Marking systems

The Philosophy of Promass is to offer more than just marking systems but the whole concept, in the form of integrated traceability solutions. The marking of a PCB is not more than te beginning of tracing the product through the production process.

Together with our partner Telesis Europe, our goal is to offer a complete traceability program. Our systems are 100% compatible, not only for traceability, but also for complete integrated line control.

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Standoff TMP 3200 – 7000
Positioning name plates
Rotation & Shifting 3-claw
Side loading-unloading.
XY table in Workstation
Standoff TMP 1700
Tooling For Clamping
Marking Pipes Internally
Shuttle Enclosure
Marking Shafts
Standard Enclosure
Rotaty Table Laser Cabinet
Pinstamper on XYZ moving beam
Standalone incl. EVC laser
Mobile Solutions
Standalone Laser Cabinets
Table Top Laser Cabinet