Cleaning Conveyor

Cleaning conveyor for bare boards.

pcb cleaner


  • Module length is 400 mm.
  • Suitable for PCB with a width of 50 – 460mm
  • Standard Belttrack edge conveyor.
  • Transport height = 930 mm  +35/-25 mm.
  • Left > Right operation.
  • PCB is waiting in front of the module; if Printer requires a board, the PCB will travel underneath the brushes and goes into the printer.
  • Rotating brush system; adjustable rotation speed upto 1200 rpm.
  • Vacuum cleaner for exhaust; speed controlled by frequency controller.
  • OMON PLC controlled.
  • Height of the brush is manually adjustable.
  • Main power switch on the back side.
  • Exhaust system include.
  • Ionizer included.
  • See-trough to cover, which can be opened.
  • SMEMA interface

conveyor and brush roll


  • Electrical width adjustment, including Follow Me sensor system.
  • Additional vans in back cover to cooldown the system.

explaining drawing