Apollo off-line soldering station



  • Off-line soldering station, incl. JS 250 robot
  • 3-postions Indexing table (120 degrees).
  • Wire pre-heater to speed up soldering process.
  • Nitrogen generator integrated
  • Complete product soldered in 37 seconds.
  • 16 soldering joints.
  • Compact station, incl. Workbench in the front.
  • Safety curtain ‘vertical’ situated.
  • Apollo Soldering Robot, incl.
  • Tip-air cleaning
  • Tip-brush cleaning.
  • Tip-calibration.
  • Integrated camera to show soldering process.
  • Integrated touch screen, incl.
  • Camera view,
  • Status and error messages,
  • Logging for traceability,
  • Manual operation /  Service mode.
  • Doors all around for easy serviceability.
  • Temp. Of tip is going down if system not used for predefined time (less tipexchange).
  • Omron PLC controlled.
  • System can work WITHOUT the PC.
  • Interface with Customer database foreseen.
  • Wheels underneath.

workbench integratedWire preheaterIndexing table