General Information

Why a Promass Coating Line.

The module.

  • Very stable and reliable X,Y,Z constructions.
    • Minimal maintenance by use of standard components and control systems.
    • Upto 7-axis servo and steppermotor driven.
      • X-axis, Y-axis.
      • Upto 3 pcs. Z-axis.
      • 1 pcs. Tilting.
      • 1 pcs. Rotation.
  • Open construction.
    • Easy access to the nozzle’s.
    • All nozzle’s at the front (1-line).

Nozzle system.

  • Independent Z-axis.
    • Upto 3 pcs. Independent Z-axis.
  • Standard ‘off the shelve’ nozzle’s; wide range of nozzle’s available.
    • Needle,
    • Spray,
    • Micro spray,
  • Short distance between Cartridge and nozzle.
  • High accuracy of the nozzle
    • Auto calibration of the nozzle’s.
    • Standard 0.05 mm  repeatability of nozzle position.
    • Special applications: 0.02 mm. Repeatability of the nozzles.

The software.

  • Easy to use Software.
    • Easy to learn.
    • Short time to program new products.
    • Easy to clean.

Movement of the gantry.

  • High speed of the axis.
    • Short cycle times.
  • We are using Hiwin guiding systems, combined with a tooth-belt drive system.
  • For the XY movements, we are using servomotors in combination with the Omron controllers
  • Our Z-axis (upto 3 pcs.) are driven by Hiwin guiding and spindle driven.
  • Optional:
    • We can build a spindle driven movement of the gantry (X,Y).

Checking the viscosity and compensating it in automatic mode ?

  • We can offer the option, to add an automatic scale to measure the amount of coating during 1 second of purging.
    • This weight is related to the viscosity and opening of the valves.
    • Based on these measurement, the speed of the spraying-needle valves can be corrected.

Checking and controlling the dimensions of the area to coat.

  • The way of programming is, to load a picture of the product (can be done by the camera installed at the gantry or a  “product.jpg” can be loaded from the harddisk).
  • With lines, circles, squares and so on, you can program the area to coat (like using paint).
  • Every area will be connected with a needle or valve, incl. the parameters.
  • Option:
    • After the coating process, it is possible to build in a control system (scanner system) to check the coated area.
    • Checking based on reflection of the coating under an UV lamp.

Aperture of the spray.

  • Option:
    • Installing an Omron laser sensor to check the width of the spray beam. The width of the spray beam is depending on:
      • Viscosity, depending on type of coating, temp. of the surrounding.
      • Opening of the nozzle,
      • Pressure on the coating pot,
      • Pressure on the shroud air,
      • Height of the nozzle above the product,


Promass Assembly Systems B.V. delivers complete lines as showed below.

example complete coatinglineThis line includes:

  • Loader
  • Coating robot
  • UV inspection
  • Curing by heated air, UV or infrared
  • Unloader


Two pieces of valves (needle and spray)
Easy to clean bottom plate. Purge bins. Internal track with clamping