In-line Soldering Station

In-line Soldering Station

in-line soldering
Customized module with soldering on top and desoldering on bottom.



  • In-line soldering station.
  • Soldering capacity is 2-3 sec/sold. joint.
  • 3 segments internal transport LèR.
  • Segment L=500 mm.
  • Suitable for PCB with a width of 50 – 460 mm
  • Luna solding unit integrated.
  • Fiducial recognition.
  • Omron Servo system and PLC installed
  • PC controlled by Easy to Use Promass Software
  • Barcode scanner at the entrance.
  • Interface with Customer database foreseen.
  • SMEMA Interface.
in-line soldering desoldering head
in-line soldering soldering head