Table Top Laser Cabinet

Table Top Laser Cabinet.


General Specifications:

  • Cabinet suitable for the EVC and FQ10.
  • Manual loading and unloading through the front door.
  • Laser controller and PC placed underneath.
  • Dim.: Length x Depth = 1200 x 650 mm.
  • System Height = 900 mm.
  • Exhaust connection at the backside or topside.
  • Internal LED light foreseen.
  • Laser Safety glass in front door; 200×300 mm.
  • Focus finder.
  • Tooling plate underneath laser to mount product specific tooling.
  • Painted in the following colors:

Side panels RAL 5010
Grey panels RAL 9002
Black parts RAL 9005

Heigth adjustment laser for focussing:

  • Electrical, spindle, height adjustments (by manual switch), incl. Limit switches.
  • Counter on height.


Control system:

  • Control buttons foreseen:
    • Stop-Reset,
    • Start laser,
    • Switch on/off internal light.
    • Switch on/off Focus finder.
    • Up/down height of laser.


  • Indications (only in combination with 24 VDC)
    • RED LED indicator:       System stopped.
    • GREEN LED indicator:  System ready.
    • Tower light on cabinet.
  • Interlock on door, in safety circuit shutter.
  • Emergency button, in activate the safety circuit of the laser controller.
  • 2 pcs. Wall sockets before Mainswitch (for PC and screen).
  • 2 pcs. Wall sockets after Mainswitch, before the fuses (for Lasercontroller).
  • Monitor mounting arm, incl. Keybord Adesso, Model AKB-410UB, and mounting bracket for keybord.