Shuttle Enclosure

Shuttle Enclosure

shuttle enclosure


  • Enclose equipped with large shuttle (1000 x 750 mm) for handling:
  • Single products, or
  • A large number of small products.
  • EVC laser integrated.
  • Focus finder and exhaust integrated.
  • Movement of the laser:
  • X-axis (Left – Right),
  • Z-axis (Up – Down).
  • Movement of the shuttle:
  • Y-axis.
  • product weight on the shuttle 200 kg.
  • Shuttle can be loaded by a crane or manipulator !!!
  • Safety door open on topside.
  • Access of the laser area by side doors.
  • Lasercontroller and PC integrated in the cabinet.
  • Laser safety glass installed to watch the marking process.
  • CE marking.

shuttle enclosure 2

Operator Interface:

  • Operated by user friendly touch screen.
  • Windows based ‘order-selection’ program.
  • MERLIN (laser control program) integrated in the user interface.
  • Camera installed to watch the marking process.
  • Internal LED light installed.
  • Omron PLC controlling the X-Y-Z movements.

 shutle enclosure 3

User software.

Production Engineering are designing new marking patterns behind their desk. New patterns are stored on the factory network.

The operator has to load the shuttle with new products, scan the barcode on the production order and the system will start working.

The pictures on the screen will inform the operator how to load the shuttle (positions of the parts).

Traceability information will be stored on the network.

shutle enclosure 4   shutle enclosure 5 shuttle enclosure6


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