Standalone incl. EVC laser

Standalone Laser Cabinet, incl. EVC laser

standalone laser cabinet incl evc

Specifications standard enclosure.


  • Laser build into a class-1 enclosure.
  • Infeed and outfeed gate, including interlocks on shuttle.
  • Laser safety glass window to inspect the marking process.

Track system.

  • Length of the track inside is 800 mm.
  • Belt Track system; belt width = 8 mm.
  • Stopper and clamping to position the board in the track.
  • Manual width adjustment of the track.

standalone laser cabinet incl evc2

Laser system:

  • Manual height adjustment of the laser to adjust the focus distance.
  • Focus finder and aiming diode to show where the marking will be done.

laser inside standalone cabinet incl evc

Module Dimensions:

  • Height of the module 1600 mm.
  • Working height laser:          930 mm (SMEMA)
  • Width of the module:          850 mm.
  • Adjustable feet underneath.

Module control system:

  • Tower light on the top.
  • Track, gates, controlled by Omron PLC.

user friendly promass software interface

PC and Laser controller:

  • PC foreseen with:
    • Windows 7
    • Merlin laser control software.
  • Promass user interface.
    • PC touch screen integrated in the module.
    • The Promass user software allows the operator to mark also panels.
    • Lasercontroller and PC integrated in cabinet.


  • SMEMA interfaces upstream and downstream.


Track System:

  • Infeed Track, L=500 or L=600 mm.
  • Outfeed Track. L=500 or L=600 mm.
  • Electrical width adjustment internal track.
  • Electrical width adjustment Infeed track.
  • Electrical width adjustment Outfeed track.

X-axis Laserhead.

  • Auto X-axis laserhead, controlled by Promass Software.

Y-axis Track.

  • Auto Y-axis track, controlled by Promass Software.

Z-axis Laserhead.

  • Electrical Z-axis laserhead, to be controlled by push buttons.
  • Auto Z-axis laserhead, controlled by Promass Software.

Flip station (excl. X-axis):

  • Flip station in internal track.
  • Only possible in combination with X-axis on Laserhead.

destacker and restacker integrated

Destacking (excl. Infeed track):

  • Destacker on Infeed track.
  • Length of infeed track = 750 mm.

Restacker (excl. Outfeed track:

  • Restacker on Outfeed track.


  • 1 Pc SMEMA cable L=3000mm